The DIGITALAX ecosystem moves very fast to keep up with and set the pace of change in web3 fashion, the metaverse, NFTs and beyond.
We have a plethora of resources across our blog here (Which gets updated almost daily), our twitter account here and the best place to ask questions and get almost instant answers is our discord community here.

Quick Overview of DIGITALAX Ecosystem

Watch this for a summary of some of the most important points.
See the top and most common repeat questions of the week.
Core Team
Meet some of the protocol core contributors.

Core Areas of the DIGITALAX Ecosystem

Indie Web3 Fashion Marketplace
Where you can buy digital fashion NFTs on Polygon Network.
Designer Realms
Indie Web3 Fashion Fleet of Brands and Labels.
Web3 Patrons
Champion Your Favourite Indie Web3 Fashion Brands.
Collector DAOs
Join A Dedicated Web3 Fashion Buy Side DAO.
Web3 Models
Digital and Physical Models.
ESPA Casual Esports Platform
Take your fashion in-game and earn $MONA as you play.
Fractional Garment Ownership
A unique way to open source the entire fashion industry with the blockchain.
DRIP NFT Marketplace
Where you can buy physical web3 fashion NFTs.
Staking for $MONA Yield
Where you can stake your fashion NFTs to earn $MONA rewards.
An immersive digital NFT magazine covering the entire web3 space every month.
Access NFT for the indie gaming scene.
DASH File Format
A new 3D file format architecture for metaverse interoperability.
LOOK Project
Learn about LOOK, the Loot Project metaverse fashion derivative.

How to Become A Web3 Fashion Designer

Discover the GDN
See who is part of the Global Designer Network.
Launch A Web3 Fashion Realm
Launch your own web3 fashion market and realm.
GDN DAO Structure
Learn about the $GDN DAO token economics.
Join the GDN
Join the Global Designer Network and the web3 fashion industry.
Buy GDN Web3 Fashion
Buy and collect digital and physical fashion NFTs designed by the GDN.
Stay Up to Date
Stay connected with the GDN.

How to Become A Web3 Model

Discover the GMS
See who is part of the Global Models Syndicate.
Join the GMS
Join as a web3 metaverse digi or IRL model.
Buy GMS Runway Looks
Buy and collect breakout model looks.
Open Avatar Elementals
See open source model avatars.
Realm Runways
Attend an indie metaverse runway experience.
Stay Up to Date
Stay connected with the GMS.

Token Ecosystem

What is $MONA?
Learn about the $MONA token Governance, Utility and its fair distribution. The team took 0% allocation.
What are Genesis MONA NFTs?
Learn about the Genesis MONA NFTs and Genesis Period.
Transparency Reports
Every month we release our protocol expenditure to stay transparent with the community.

Reasons to Simp

Web3 Fashion Week
We hosted the first W3FW and there is more to come.
Wear 2 DeFi
We introduced yield farming for fashion.
Heartfelt Reminders
Read about good work being done by our community, changing the lives of young designers.
Novel Engineering
First Multi-token ERC-998 bridge between Polygon and Ethereum.
Polygon Ecosystem Award
We joined the Polygon family early and they recognised us for it.
Sustainability in NFTs, Fashion
Read our thoughts on sustainability in fashion and NFTs.
Full Embrace of CC0
Undercutting the Copyright Cartels.